Founders Ministries is committed to encouraging the recovery of the gospel and the biblical reformation of local churches. The site hosts a large amount of articles and podcasts dealing with theological and cultural issues. The president of Founders Ministries is Dr. Tom Ascol.

Trinity Baptist Church is partnered with CBTS in their church partnership program, which lets any member of the church audit courses from the seminary for free. Reach out to Pastor Gregg if you have questions on how to take advantage of this partnership.

CWI's mission is to advance the Christian Faith by acting as an interdenominational evangelistic agency, to proclaim the Good News of Gospel of Jesus the Messiah to the Jewish People throughout the entire world, and to assist and challenge the Church to fulfill this task with a particular focus on the USA and neighboring countries.

“The goal of our ministry is to glorify God and bring the greatest possible good to humankind through the preaching of the gospel and the establishment of biblical churches throughout the world by means of equipping and mobilizing indigenous churches and missionaries.”

AIM KS is an abortion abolitionist ministry out of St. George, Kansas. Their name stands for the central fact of this ministry: Abortion Is Murder.


The Sword and The Trowel is the official podcast of Founders Ministries, covering theological and cultural issues in the Southern Baptist Convention and beyond.

The Man of God Network brings together a selection of podcasts run by partners of Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary. The podcasts range from sermon selections, to puritan narrations, to confessional theology.

Theology in Particular is the podcast of the International Reformed Baptist Seminary. Usually featuring Dr. James Renihan, this podcast covers theological topics from a 1689 confessional baptist perspective.

Products of Grace is a porcast by Mercy Hill Church in Olive Branch, MS. Each episode is a mixed bag of theology, recipes, family, and life inside the Christian community. Lawson Harlow is a good friend of Pastor Gregg, who recommends this podcast heartily.

The Pactum (short for "pactum salutis" - or "Agreement of Salvation") is a podcast by Dr. Pat Abendroth, of Omaha, NE. This show explores theological issues focusing specifically on the law/gospel distinction.

The Briefing covers various news stories from a Biblical Worldview. Al Mohler is the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.